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The Germanica site is intended to provide a set of basic non-violent principles and supporting resources to help empower the Germanic peoples, and more broadly all White peoples of European descent, to ensure that we not only survive, but thrive. Our people, the loyal members of which comprise the White Nation, are being attacked by groups that seek to undermine our genetics, families, values, cultures, countries, and livelihoods. These attacks constitute genocide as defined by international law.

There are many viewpoints on how we should protect the future of our peoples for our children in these troubled times. The principles and materials in this site reflect an imperfect and evolving viewpoint as to how best to address the challenges that we face. The diversity of viewpoints that our people hold is our strength. Your consideration of the views contained in this site is appreciated and your feedback is welcome.

The site has an American political perspective, but its intent is to provide content that is useful for all White peoples of European descent worldwide. It is constructed with content that is believed in good faith to either be in the public domain or provided with the author's permission.

This site will evolve over time in both form and content, but at this point its scope and development is limited to that which can be accomplished by one part-time technician, with gratitude for the contribution of content, ideas and viewpoints from many sources. One of the purposes of the site is to recognize the sacrifices and contributions that have already been made by brave members of the White Nation on our behalf.

User Guide

Access to the principles both directly and sequentially occurs from the main toolbar.

Normally the slide show in each principle advances automatically. By clicking on the "A" (which then becomes an "M" for manual) in the slides section of the toolbar you can take manual control of the slide movement using the left and right arrows in the slide section. This is handy if you want to quickly get to an individual slide. Clicking on the "M" takes you back to automated mode.

Thoughout the site, clicking on blue or purple text will take you to a link that is related to the topic at hand.

An expandable tree directory of reference materials is available under the Resources tab in the toolbar. Upon entry to this screen you will be presented with a collapsed version of an expandable tree directory. Hovering over an item displays a description of the item. If an item is followed by a ">", clicking on it will display the subordinate items contained within the item. Clicking on the item itself will collapse the item back to its original state.